I have spent the past three years studying Myers Briggs personality types. I learned that I was an ENTP three years ago and it completely changed my life. ENTPs are a pretty rare personality type so they always feed misunderstood. We are amazing at big picture ideas and completely incompetent at finishing projects. This makes us look like crazy people.

Almost all ENTPs are entrepreneurs because they don’t fit into traditional jobs. Learning this sooner could have saved me a lot of time and stress.

I went on to learn the personality types of my kids and friends and family. I started to understand the way other people saw the world, which made me a much better at communicating with the people around me.  (Trying to figure out the personality types of the people around you is a great way to avoid making friends at parties.)

The Myers Briggs system was created by two women psychologists during the Industrial Revolution. They were trying to help women find jobs that would be fulfilling to them. Today it is used in Fortune 500 companies everywhere and a powerful tools for couples therapists.

I offer one-on-one coaching to a handful of creative business owners. I ask everyone their personality type before we have our first call, because it gives me incredible insight into what problems they are facing.

Introverts always feel like they are running behind. They tend to take slower more calculated moves, while Extroverts process information as they are moving forward. Extroverts are very vocal about everything they do, which makes introverts feel like they are not moving fast enough. Introverts need tons of alone time in order to be productive, but they feels pressure to be more social. So they try to do something that is uncomfortable for their personality type and it always holds them back.

The majority of the world is filled with “sensor” personality types, which means they focus on the things happening in the hear-and-now. Without sensor personality types we would not have teachers or scientists or carpenters. Intuitive personality types are constantly looking into the future. We are always trying to figure out how what is happening right now will effect the future. This can cause tons of daily conflict. The Intuitives are always frustrated that sensor personalities don’t consider the future and the sensors are annoyed that the intuitives don’t focus on what is in front of them.

Feeler personality types are completely in-tune with how other people are feeling. They have tons of emotional insight into other people and feel constant guilt that they might be hurting someones feelings. Thinker types make decisions based purely on logic and spend most of their time offending feelers in their life.

Anyone with a “P” in their personality type has the same problem. They have so many ideas about what they could do in their career that they can’t figure out where to focus. And anyone who has a ‘J’ in their personality type is totally stressed out that they are not getting enough done. This is ironic because J’s are always incredibly productive. They live to get things done.

You can learn so much about yourself when you know your personality type. You can start to understand your unique strengths and weaknesses and seek out a career that will fulfill your needs. I am teaching a mini live workshop for anyone interested in understanding their personality type. You can register here.

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