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MakeMentors goes beyond providing outstanding digital marketing services. We are building a great community where everyone can join and become successful in whatever business endeavors, they choose.

Equipping entrepreneurs with the right business skills, knowledge, and mindset are our goal.


We assure everyone that every tip we provide is meticulously researched. Every piece of information that you’ll read on this website is based on facts. Statistics and numbers matter to us. We believe that data and information are crucial in order to become successful.

The tips and guidelines we provide you are guaranteed to help you start and run a successful childcare center.

Online Workshops

Apart from providing you with the best tips and tricks about digital marketing, we also offer online workshops. It’s a hands-on experience where you can learn and practice smart business skills that can be very useful in dealing with challenges.

Learn how to create, develop, and promote your childcare service. You’ll also be able to master email marketing, social media, licensing, and building a portfolio.

Career Paths

This website also gives you simple guidelines and tutorials about becoming the best childcare service provider. Our team will make sure that you are equipped with the right tools, skills, and knowledge before you start your career.


Learn more about the latest trends and news in the childcare industry. Find out why schedules are important and are inspired by the works of other people. Connect with other business owners and find out what makes them successful in their field.

Interact with real people who have experienced real success.