Roxy Prima will be one of three instructors teaching “The Business of HandLettering,” for Modern Thrive next month. Here she tells us how she got started as a one-woman design/lettering/illustration shop, and how she keeps busy and promotes her work.


Photo: Grant Puckett

I started my business after a long time of being unsatisfied working full-time as a graphic designer in the media industry. I had always craved the freedom of working for myself, but it took me a long time before I felt like I could really take that leap. Once I decided that my goal would be to work for myself, I started taking on as many freelance projects as possible, while still working a full-time job. I would get up early to work before I went to my job, and after my eight hours, I would work well into the night and on weekends. Essentially I was working two full time jobs! It wasn’t easy, but the idea of eventually working for myself was a great motivator.

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As there was more demand for my work, it slowly got to the point where my job was holding me back from being able to do the freelance projects that I wanted to do, and I could make just as much money and save myself a lot of time by letting go of the safety net of my full time job. I had built up enough of a clientele to have freelance projects lined up for at least a few months. After doing lots of research, saving money, and getting support from my friends and family, I left my job and I haven’t looked back!

The driving force behind starting my own business was the dream to work for myself and do what I love every day. I have always been an independent and passionate person, so being my own boss and following my dreams has been something that I knew I would do.

The best way to promote my work is to keep creating and sharing, and to do my best in every project I work on.

Sharing on social media gives people ideas of what I can do, and how I can do it for their business or product. It’s also been great for connecting and collaborating with other artists and designers, which has lead to many great opportunities. Getting involved in the local community has also been a great way to meet other creatives and promote my work.

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