Anne Cotte is an illustrator with surface design, illustration, and martial arts in her free time. She is fascinated with surface design and the art and beauty in the world around us. You can visit Anne’s viewbook here

1-What kind of illustration do you specialize in?

In the past, I did a lot of Editorial illustrations, such as youth books and magazine illustrations, as well as advertisings, posters, and logos. Now that I have an agent, I specialize more in surface design and art print. I love it and it makes me feel peaceful 😉


2-Did you always know that you wanted to be an illustrator?

YES, As soon as I could hold a pen I was drawing or doodling.

As a kid for hours I would put all my colored pencils in order of colors or I would create color palettes with them simply because I thought it looked beautiful.

I did like to create and making products.

When I did my Bachelor of Fine Arts I discovered Graphic design. So I went to the University of Quebec in Montreal to do Graphic design with some classes in Illustration. I felt I had found my own voice.


3-How Is your personality reflected in your work?

I am a colorful person by nature so I like using striking color palettes to create illustrations. I have a unique whimsical style from all my traveling as a kid. This is most evident in my children’s book illustrations. My personality is also reflected in my house by being surrounded by collectible pieces of art and antique furniture from around the world. I am seeking happiness each day by doing my best. So if I smile when drawing my illustrations I know I will make people smile and dream! And this is an important goal to me.


.4-Can you describe your process when creating new work?

If I have a specific subject I always begin with research and I do a lot of sketching. This helps me to warm up before starting any creative project. I like to use a handmade feel in my work to give a little depth and texture to my final illustration. I scan my handmade illustrations and import them in Photoshop. Most of the time I keep drawing in Adobe Illustrator with my graphic pad using the pen tool. I always complete my illustrations in Photoshop for final work. Once in a while, I also like to try different techniques to find new mediums and add more character to my illustrations!


5-What type of clients do you work with?

Any kind! I have created illustrations for many clients, from Publishing houses to coffee shops and agency or government communication department. And my agent also licenses my Illustrations for print art, home decor and products to companies around the world.


6-What type of projects are most exciting to you?

I am a big fan of surface design. We are surrounded by surface design, it is all around us and that makes me passionate and excited about it. I just want to create an image to be reproduced on any surface. I love creating home wear or giftware and art print.

Lately, I am have been developing new skills for a design pattern to complete my talent in illustration so it can give me the infinite possibility of creating interesting collections.


7 -What goals do you have for your illustration business?

Since 2009, I have slowly been directing myself towards surface design. Now I am starting to get more involved in this direction by being part of a surface design and illustration communities and taking some challenges here and there to achieve my goals of doing full-time surface design with my illustration skills. In the past I had my illustrations in books and on book covers so now for my future goals I really want to see my illustrations on daily products such as bedding, rugs, lunchbox as well as well known brands.


8-How did you start your illustration career?

In high school, in class, I was the one who had to design the posters and the decorations for events.

Right after my studies in Graphic design, I started illustrating Children’s books for a publishing house in Montreal and some magazines too. I already knew it was for me.



9-What inspires your creativity the most?

Traveling and discovering new cultures always made me feel refreshed and stimulated me to create new things. Also when going shopping I love to observe the new tendencies in Home decor and fashion and always come back home with fresh ideas. Also, I love to visit museums or walk in nature to provide inspiration for my works.


10-Please describe an average day in your life

I wake up around 7 am, make my coffee and take care of my son before he goes to school. I work from my studio at home. I pet my cats and then check all my emails and prepare my schedule for the day or the week (it helps me save time). At 9 am, I begin to do illustrations or projects. Around 11:30 I go training in Martial Arts for an hour to let go of my stress. Then I go back to my projects with energy, up to 4:30 pm. Then my son arrives home from school, we chat about our day and eat dinner together. After dinner I go back to my work and, depending on the rush, I can go to bed very late.


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