Leticia is an Argentian illustrator who resides in Portland, Maine. She has studied illustration in both Italy and the USA. She spent 15 years illustrating in different locations such as NYC and Italy. She is also the co-founder of the Maine Illustrators Collective. You can visit her website here.

1-How long have you been an illustrator?

I’ve graduated from School of Visual Arts in NYC in 1990, so… a long time!

2-What kind of illustration do you specialize in?

My work has been primarily editorial, mostly magazines and newspapers, but I’m now experimenting with surface design. I just came back from my first Surtex experience and it was quite promising! I’m looking forward to working in many different markets.

3-How would you describe your style?

In short, analog line, digital color- The line is my thing, color is mostly decoration. I love the feeling of creating art on paper, I can’t recreate the same line quality with a tablet or computer-

4-Did you always know that you wanted to be an illustrator?

Yes, even growing up in Italy, where everything is design-based. I wanted to be the one creating the pictures.

5-Can you describe your process when creating new work?

I spend a fair amount of time apparently “daydreaming”. All the sketching and image mapping happens in my head, so by the time the pencil or brush touches paper, most of the drawing is already organized into space, in my mind. Once I scan the line art, the color is a mostly playful experiment.

6-What types of projects are most exciting to you?

I enjoy different kind projects for what they offer: the quick turnaround and freedom of editorial work, the puzzle-like quality of surface design, the challenges of larger projects.

7-Are you self-taught or professionally trained?

I have a BFA from School of Visual Arts, after previously completing a printmaking course in Italy. I love learning, so I’m often taking online classes.

8-How did you start your illustration career?

I was lucky to get a weekly gig for the New York Times right out of school, plus, living in NYC gave me an advantage, because I could drop off my portfolio weekly at publishing houses and meet with art directors. Now so much happens online instead!

9-What inspires your creativity the most?

I love problem-solving, so I get my inspiration through the process of illustration itself: creating a solution to a specific story, or idea. I also get inspiration from books, nature and wondering through the world wide web…

10-Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us?

This had been a year of new adventures: I’ve illustrated a children’s book, reinvented myself as a surface designer and I’m now part of a theater show where I draw live on stage.   I love the learning and experimenting because it brings fresh new energy to my regular work.


You can follow Leticia here at her website. 


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