We started Maker Mentors with the goal of helping creative types gather the business skills they need to reach their career goals. One of the hardest parts of being a freelance artist or illustrator is finding clients. You spend years honing your craft and hours in the studio each day developing your portfolio. It can be challenging to find time to effectively market your work, and seek out new clients.

We wanted to create an opportunity for freelance illustrators to showcase their skills in a way that would help them find new clients. That is why we created our first-ever Freelance Illustration Yearbook. This Directory is designed to become a resource for Art Directors who are looking for new talents.

Our first publication features the work of 50+ Freelance Illustrators from around the world. Our featured illustrators are a diverse group of talented illustrators who represent a wide range of disciplines.They cover children’s book illustration, surface pattern design, editorial illustration, corporate design and more. These artists have spent years honing their style, developing their talent and creating their portfolio.

You can view & download the complete 2018 Freelance Illustration Yearbook here. 

You can download an excel database of the featured Illustrators here.

Do you want to be featured in our next directory? Sign up here to get more details. 






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