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We created Maker Mentors to connect creative types with the resources they need to build successful businesses. We do this through our weekly newsletter, free webinars, workshops and blog series.

This community is designed to give you access to all of this, so you can build a sustainable business around your craft. Everyone who signs up for our newsletter becomes part of the Maker Mentors community, and gets access to tons of resources for their business.

Ready to get started? There are two ways you can get involved! You can join our free community or become of the Maker Mentors collective.

What do you get when you join the free community?

  • A weekly bulletin packed with resources for your business
  • First access to free webinars with established creatives
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What do you get when you join the Maker Mentors Collective?

  • A private Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded creatives
  • Monthly mastermind sessions on the second Thursday of every month
  • Monthly webinars with creative experts on the last Thursday of every month
  • Exclusive opportunities to promote your work across Maker Mentors
  • Additional resources, special bonus material and private email coaching

You can join here for $10/month. Don’t worry you can cancel your membership at any time.