Are you confused about personal branding and storytelling (but know you want in?)

Here’s the thing:

I’m British.

And I’m an entrepreneur.

What does that have to do with anything, you might ask?  Well, when I moved to NYC from London 20 years ago, my communication and writing style could best be described as “formal”, with a capital F. It’s just how we roll.

Now for anyone who knows me (and you will soon, I hope) I’m not at all formal. I am enthusiastic about most things, I love connecting with people, and I always look for the silver lining to any situation.

Do you see the problem?  There was a disconnect between the essence of who I am and how I was presenting myself to the world.  The term “personal branding” didn’t exist when I was coming up, but if it had, mine would have been off-base.

As my career, first in talent management and then in career coaching progressed, I started to let more and more of myself shine through.  I started to write in my own voice (rather than Queen Elizabeth’s!) and I shared my own experiences (good and bad), in the name of connecting more fully with my audience and helping them move forward. In short, I started infusing my expertise, experience and knowledge with stories.

I can’t even begin to tell you what that did for me and my business; but here are couple of highlights:

  • I got crystal-clear on my value and what I had to offer (as well as what wasn’t my unique brilliance)
  • I got just as clear about who my ideal clients are, what they aspire to, and the challenges they face
  • I found, embraced, and shared my purpose more fully
  • I am building my tribe of delightful creatives, clients and collaborators

Sound like something you’d like to do too?

Whether you’re just starting out in your freelance creative career or business, or are looking to position yourself more effectively and authentically to the clients you want, mastering the art of storytelling will help you build an emotionally resonant brand that draws your ideal clients to you.

We’re not talking random, air your dirty laundry stories here, but rather, curated, edited stories that show your prospective clients you understand them, care about them, and can help them achieve the goals or outcome they seek.

If you’re ready to become utterly irresistible to your ideal clients, I’ll be teaching a Modern Thrive workshop titled: How to Create a Magnetic Personal Brand and I’d love for you to join me.

We’ll meet online January 25th-27th, where I’ll be teaching you:

  • What unique gift YOU bring to the world and how that talent benefits people who genuinely want and need your services.
  • The fundamental elements of every great story and how to craft your compelling story (so long, boring bio!)
  • How to weave stories into your marketing message and content so it speaks directly to the ideal clients you want to attract.

If you’re ready to start shining your light, sharing your message in an authentic and compelling way, and start attracting your ideal clients and collaborators into your business, this training is for you.

I can’t wait to see you there!

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