The first print issue of Aglow magazine, by Design Aglow, was just released. The beautiful quarterly pub is packed full of useful content anyone in the creative industry can use. The issue includes a visit to the studio of photographer Tina Wilson (“Inside Real Studios”); advice on building your business through blogging by Lauren Hooker, founder of Elle & Co, in “Blog About it,” and how to transition from your day job into your dream job, by Modern Thrive founder Cassie Boorn, among many other great features, including a calligraphy tutorial.


The 120 page issue is printed on a heavy, matte paper stock which gives it some heft. The photography strikes a perfect balance with the informative content, and the design provides easy navigation and allows plenty of breathing room.

“We are excited to get feedback from our readers and learn which features they want more of! Of course we’re also always open to ideas for new content,” editor Lena Hyde says. “We want this magazine to be community driven. Ads will stay to a bare minimum as well, with only 4-6 per volume, which is drastically less than your typical magazine.”


Hyde talks about a story in the next issue that took her (and her staff) by surprise. “A well-known photographer speaks of his struggles with success, and discusses issues we rarely talk about, such as a battle with alcoholism, starting at age 12. It’s a very powerful feature that will make everyone ponder their goals for their business and for their life.”

Don’t miss out on a single issue of Aglow. Subscription information is available on the website.

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