Creative Business Workbook

Develop a Complete Plan for Building & Growing a Creative Business 

Building a profitable creative business is hard. And it takes a great plan.

I have worked with thousands of artists & illustrators through Maker Mentors. I have seen first-hand the struggles they face when trying to build a profitable business around their work. I realized that most creatives do not have the foundational business skills they need to create a profitable venture. That is what inspired me to create our NEW Creative Business Planner.

This 40-page workbook will take you through the process of building a profitable business. We will give you a roadmap for creating products & services, pricing your work and building your online presence.

This easy-to-follow workbook walks you through the process of finding a career you will love, developing a plan for your business, building an online presence and creating something you can sell.

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Here is what this workbook covers:

Section One: Find a Career You Love
Identify Your Unique Personality Type
Create a Vision for Your Career
Map Out a Plan for Reaching Your Goals
Choose a Career Path You Love

Section Two: Create a Plan for Your Business
Find a Profitable Business Idea
Create a Revenue Plan
Identify Your Target Customer
Develop a Marketing Plan

Section Three: Develop Your Platform
Develop your personal brand
Plan your website & homepage
Create a content strategy
Make a Plan for Social Media

Section Four: Create Something Your Can Sell
Identify Your Key Products & Services
Develop a Plan for Your Products & Services
Price Your Products for Profitability
Pricing and Selling Services

Get Instant Access for $22 | Buy Here  

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