I became obsessed with social media when I was a junior in college. I was a single mom in a tiny Midwestern town, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

You see…I was always a little weird. I wasn’t artsy and failed at every sport I tried. I wasn’t good at making friends, or the smartest kid in class. I never fit in to any group, which left me believing that there might not be a place for me in this world.

I starting joining online forums when I was pregnant with my son. I would spend hours connecting with people online. They would share stories, offer advice and become the community I desperately needed during that time of my life.

Social Media allowed me to connect with people I would have never otherwise met, and opened up opportunities that I never imagined possible. I became obsessed with social media and spent years studying how people were using these platforms to connect. And then I used the things I learned to build my entire career.

I landed my first full-time salary job after college from a connection I made on Twitter. I got to work from home for a NYC based PR agency where I lead digital marketing for some of the largest brands in the world. And when I was ready to change jobs? A friend I met through blogging offered me an incredible opportunity working for the Walt Disney company.

I used my LinkedIn network to start my own freelance consulting business. I have sold thousands of dollars worth of online courses through Instagram, and I raised investor funding through Twitter.

Social media has helped me reach my career goals over and over again. And now I want to share everything that I learned.

I am teaching an online class next month that will give you a clear plan for using social media to reach your individual goals.

The live class starts on January 8th, but you can get 50% off if you sign up now. See the full schedule and reserve your spot here. 

Use discount code MAKERMENTORS to save 50% on your registration.



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