Mastering Finances for Your Creative Business

Do spreadsheets make your eyes glaze over? Are calculations cluttering up your business goals? Are you constantly wondering…Can I afford this? Will I earn my money back? Could I ever do this full time? We know that your creative business is driven by more than mere money…but if you only make passion and aren’t making… Read More

Forging a Career as a Metalsmith and Jewelry Artist.

We hosted a live webinar with with Emilie Shapiro. You can watch the entire video interview below. This interview is brought to you by our friends at Uncommon Goods.   Emilie grew up on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, where water has always been her constant and her inspiration. She comes from a long line… Read More

Social Media for Artists

Natasha put her first piece artwork online for thousands of dollars and then sat back, waiting for the dollars to roll in. She waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, she made one pivot that changed the entire game. Today, Natasha Wescoat is a professional artist-entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience. She has become a household… Read More

How to Monetize Your Creative Projects

We hosted a live webinar with with Karen Bertelsen from The Art of Doing Stuff. You can watch the entire video interview below. Karen spent the majority of her career working as a TV personality. She was the host of pretty much every major home decor show in Canada, and got to interview celebrities like… Read More

Welcome to Maker Mentors!

Maker Mentors is an online community for creative entrepreneurs. Become a Maker Mentor and get free access to resources for your business. Hi! My name is Cassie Boorn and I am the Founder of Maker Mentors. I started my entire career surrounded by creatives, and my favorite thing in the entire world is helping people… Read More