Meet the Mentor: Melissa Esplin

This is part of our ongoing series that features interviews with established makers. Join our community to get our updates or recommend a maker for our blog. What does your business do? I teach calligraphy online at – we will be offering many different types of calligraphy workshops soon. Right now you can learn… Read More

Weekly Links for Creative Entrepreneurs

Every week, Maker Mentors curates a list of links & resources for creative entrepreneurs. We want you to have access to new opportunities for your business, but we don’t want you to have to spend hours searching for them. Subscribe here if you want to get our updates delivered right to your inbox every Friday…. Read More

How to Get Your Products in Retail Stores

This is a guest post from our friends over at Wholesale in a Box. We help makers at all different stages get their beautiful handmade goods into fantastic stores. But so many of the makers we work with have one thing in common: they’re not sure what to say in emails to stores to get… Read More

Energize Your Career with a Creative Playground

We hosted a live webinar with with Salli & Nate from They Draw and Cook. You can watch the entire video interview below. They Draw and Cook is not just a platform to highlight Salli’s work. Studio SSS strategically built this blog to become a platform for discovering and connecting with other illustrators. By bringing… Read More

Finding Your Path to Getting Published

We hosted a live webinar with with Heidi Fiedler. You can watch the entire video interview below Get direct feedback on your book idea from an industry leader, and learn how to package it into a book proposal that publishers will love. There are tons of options for authors in today’s publishing world. We will… Read More

How to Start a Sustainable Fashion Brand

We hosted a live webinar with with Sumeera Rasul. You can watch the entire video interview below What are the gaps in the fashion industry that you can take advantage of? How can you bypass middle man? How do you keep more of your profits so that you can grow fast? This session will touch… Read More

Build a Glass Blowing Business with Jim Loewer

We hosted a live webinar with with Jim Loewer. You can watch the entire video interview below. This was brought to you by our friends at Uncommon Goods. I’ve tried a few other career paths besides glass blowing. I studied art, made paintings, taught art in elementary schools and a juvenile jail, worked on a… Read More

How to Create Magic in Your Life

Northern California designer Jen Pleasants hand sculpts her creations in a renovated goat shed topped with a living roof. Surrounded by crystals inside and redwoods outside, she creates pieces that are an external reflection of the beauty, magic and power that we each possess on the inside. The organic nature of her designs coupled with… Read More

How to Start a Jewelry Business

Judi spent 22 years working in marketing and PR for Penguin Books, among others, before deciding to become a full-time jewelry designer. She had zero experience in starting her own company, but decided to jump in the deep end and figure it out along the way. “Starting your own business isn’t for the timid, and… Read More