Are you feeling stuck creatively? Are you struggling to identify your unique artistic style? Do you wish someone could guide you through the process of finding your creative voice?

Finding Your Creative Voice is a self-paced online course from Esther Loopstra was designed to give artists an opportunity to develop their skills, explore new mediums and uncover their authentic creative voice. Whether you are just starting out in a creative field or are more advanced, this process will give you the tools you need to embrace your unique creative voice. You will learn practical, hands on techniques using collage, drawing, writing and painting in a process that brings you through an entire project from inspiration to completion. This course is all about giving yourself freedom to play and explore your unique artistic self.
Esther Loopstra is a full time artist, illustrator and designer who has a passion for teaching. Her work has been featured on stationery, textiles, magazines, advertisements, children’s books and more. She teaches Finding your Creative Voice workshops in Seattle and online, which help people let go of fear and get the tools they need for authentic creative expression. Esther has helped dozens of artists unlock their creativity and find their unique creative voice. In this free webinar, Esther will give you an inside look at the process she uses to help artists get passed the fear than holds them back from finding their creative voice.  You will learn strategies for unlocking creativity and actionable ideas to help you discover and embrace your unique creative voice.
This Self-Paced Online Course Will Help You: 
·        Experiment with various mediums and styles such as watercolor pencils, pens and collage
·        Move past fear and into play through fun exercises that will help you loosen up and encourage your inner artist
·        Learn a creative process that will teach you how to create an entire project from inspiration to completion
·        Using your sketchbook as a guide, you will begin to see your own style emerge through observing what naturally draws you to creative flow
·        Gain confidence to keep a creative practice that will enrich your life

Here is what is included with the course: 

  • 10+ professionally shot videos filmed in Esther’s Seattle studio
  • 6 modules, each with at least 2 creative exercises
  • Downloadable PDF’s for each exercise
  • Unlimited access to all videos and resources
  • 3 Special Pinterest bonus videos and exercises

Sign up before Monday with discount code MODERNTHRIVE to get instant access for $99!

Want more information on what is covered in this course? Watch our FREE webinar with Esther Loopstra: 

Finding Your Creative Voice with Esther Loopstra from Cassie Boorn on Vimeo.

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