This post is part of a series in which we interview successful creatives about how they built their business. Today we are interviewing professional artists, Creative Ingrid.

Creative Ingrid is a London-based illustrator and watercolor artist who studied Information Design in Mexico and received her Masters in Publishing in Barcelona. An avid yoga practitioner and instructor, Sanchez seamlessly combines mindfulness and art. Her projects include: distinctive watercolor images, logos and branding, and illustrations for blogs and print publications.

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What is your name?

My name is Ingrid.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Mexico but I’ve been living over the past 12 years in a number of different places. First in Barcelona, then London followed by NY and back in London.

What kind of art do you create? How would you describe it?

I paint and illustrate using watercolours and occasionally other media like acrylics or inks. I always say it is “art with heart”, just because the themes and the clients I work with are usually people that give a lot to society, I like to think that this is my way of helping them to do what they do best.

When did you discover your love of art?

Very young, I bought  my first set of oils when I was 10 or 11 years old. I saved money and went to a shop close to my parents house and bought a set of brushes and oils. I did not have a clue what I was doing, so my parents house soon started to show signs of my art on walls and floors rather than actual artworks.

Did you always know this would become your career?

I always wanted it to be my career, but coming from a family of lawyers with no history of any previous artist, there was no much support. My parents were happy with me doing art at home, but the common phrase was “you can paint as a hobby”, my dad always thought I would be a good architect for example. Then the time passed and I gained interest in lots of other things, so I forgot about it for a long time.

What did you do before you were an artist?

The question should be, what didn’t I do! I changed my career four times to start with. I practiced ballet for twelve years from the age of five. I went to live in a small island in the south of Mexico to paint and scuba dive. Then finally I decided to study Information Design. Once I completed y degree I went to Barcelona and studied a Masters in Book Publishing. I worked in this area for some years and after discovering the wonders of yoga as a healing practice I decided to study a Yoga Teacher Training.

But then I moved to London and here I did my first attempt to open a business of my own. I started designing patterns for crochet puppets and toys for children, I eventually realized that it didn’t work as a business for me, but it was a great way to learn and it also brought creativity back into my life.

When did you begin selling your artwork?

I started two years ago as part of my job as Brand Manager in a Yoga center and a year ago when I moved to NY I decided to give it all my time, and here I am!

How did you find your first few customers?

When I came to London my English didn’t have the level I needed to work in publishing as I had been doing in Spain. So apart of starting my little crochet business, I was also volunteering and applying for jobs and causes I found of interest around my neighborhood. I saw this as an opportunity to do something fresh and new.

This opened me the door to my first job in London and working in an area I really love connected me with like minded people. These were my first customers and then they recommend you to others and that’s how things go.

Where do you sell your artwork now?

I work in two different areas. The first one and how I started is a combination of design and illustration for blogs, books, manuals and other merchandise. My clients usually get in touch through my website or by email. The second area are my watercolors, I sell these through my website and Etsy shop. I am currently not doing fairs or exhibitions, but I will be interested in doing so in the the future

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What does an average day in your life look like?

I start my day very early having breakfast with my husband and going through my emails on my ipad with a cup of tea. Not matter what, at 9 am I am in the studio.

I like starting with a small ritual that includes meditation, burning some sage or sweetgrass and then I am ready to go. I usually do some admin tasks like answering emails, sending invoices, paying invoices, preparing deliveries if I have had sales  overnight.

I try to make a pause at midday for yoga practice. What happens next totally depends on my clients, sometimes I have to design or update a website, other times I have an illustration to do, if there is nothing like this going on then I paint. I normally paint every day at least for an hour, just for fun or to put ideas in the paper.

What do you hope the not-too-distant future holds for your art career; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us?

I recently started teaching workshops in my home-studio and I realized how much I love to teach, so I am looking to teach more classes in other places around London. I also have interest in art licensing my art, but this is an area I still need to explore. I love what I am doing right now, so I am taking it a small step at a time and enjoying the process.

Are you interested in learning more about how CreativeIngrid built a career around her artwork? You won’t want to miss our three-day live online workshop, Starting Your Career as  a Professional Artist. See the full schedule and reserve your spot here. Class starts this week!

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