There are many different ways that you can earn money as a professional artist, but navigating all of the paths available can be overwhelming.  I have spent dozens of hour coaching artists through the process of finding the right career path for their individual goals. In the beginning, artists just want to make money. Every art career starts with a creative wondering if…maybe…somehow…they could convince someone to pay them for their work. Most artists start their business with no strategy. They spend years experimenting with lots of different ways to sell their work until they find one that works.

There are five paths that most artists end up pursing: 

  1. Freelancing – They are hired per project by a collection of clients in various industries.
  2. Licensing – They develop a portfolio of designs to license across products.
  3. Custom Commissions – They create custom pieces for individual clients or fine art galleries.
  4. Publishing – They work with publishing companies to create beautiful books.
  5. Product Design – They develop and sell products of their own creation.

The path that you choose will directly impact the amount of money you are able to earn, and the time it takes for you to build a sustainable career. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could walk you through all five career paths, and help you find the one that best fits your life? I am offering just that! You can join me live this Thursday for a FREE webinar exploring career paths for professional artists. There is limited space, so reserve your spot here. Everyone who signs up will get a recording of the program.



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