Maker Mentors is an online community designed to help you build a business you love.

Running a small creative business is hard. You don’t have lots of money to spend on marketing. You don’t have tons of time to figure out what your next step should be.  It can be scary and lonely and incredibly overwhelming.

The secret to building a successful  business is to figure out how you can use your limited time to make the most impact for your business. But how do you decide where to focus your time? How do you prioritize all of those little things you need to do for your business? How can you be more strategic about growing your business?

You cannot build your dream business overnight.  Building a business is a long-term investment. Successful business owners are the ones that take small strategic steps on a regular basis. They set goals. They find a path to reaching their goals and they hit the ground running.

 Maker Mentors was created to connect creative entrepreneurs to the resources they need to build a business they absolutely love.

We will connect you to established creative business owners who will show you how to design products and services that people will love, give you strategies for building an audience around your work and leave you with a clear plan for finding customers and generating income.

Other places might give you the information you need to build a business you love, but we will connect you to a community of creatives and the tools you need to make it happen.

Our resources are perfect for artists, illustrators, freelancers, handmade business owners, food entrepreneurs, photographers, graphic designers, writers, Etsy shop owners and more.

Meet the Founder: 

Cassie Boorn is the Founder of Maker Mentors and the CEO of Modern Thrive. She has spent her entire career helping people navigate the online world, and figure out how to make money doing work they love. Cassie spent 5+ years building online marketing programs for Fortune 500 brands including P&G, Pepperidge Farm and Gallo Wine. She left her full-time position at Disney Interactive to launch a freelancing business.

Cassie was able to replace her full-time income in just six-months, and wanted to help other people do the same. Cassie launched Modern Thrive in 2015 with the goal of helping people figure out how to build successful careers doing work they love. They have served more than 3,000 students from 61 countries around the world. Cassie has been writing online since 2009. Her work has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and NPR: All Things Considered.

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